Increase Online Sales During eCommerce Sales Promotions

How to Maximize Selling During Peak Season

If you are an online seller, you may want to clear off your old stock and make space for new products in your inventory. Read on to find out how you can increase sales and make more money this festive season!

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1. Create Attractive Promotions:-

There is no better time than now to hold your and slash prices to attract more customers to your site. Southeast Asians simply love a good discount so you can offer special packages such as bundle sets for complementary items, buy one free one promotions and even exclusive vouchers to ensure repeat sales.

Another great way to increase sales is to keep reminding customers that a particular holiday is coming soon and that your promotions will end soon with a countdown timer to the days so that they can feel the urgency. This can ensure that they will lock down their purchase on your site and quickly make their way to the checkout cart.

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2. Use Clear and Interesting Festive Images:-

Humans are very visual creatures and hence you should definitely take this opportunity to create images that can pique the interest of consumers to keep them browsing your online store.

You can even jazz up your inventory by adding some holiday spirit to some of your images by festooning them with festive decorations. Customise your greeting message on your landing page to suit the holiday mood as well.

3. Offer Special Gift Wrapping Services:-

The holiday season is all about gift giving and Southeast Asians love convenience, which is one of the main reasons we choose to buy from online sites than going to physical stores. However, part of the fun in receiving presents is unwrapping them and many physical stores offer this service during the festive season.
Don’t lose out on any potential customers to brick-and- mortar stores by offering a gift wrapping service for your customers to make their online shopping easier and hassle-free. It’s this kind of value added services that keeps your users returning to your store to spend more money.

3. Advertise Aggressively:-

Any business would benefit from advertising and marketing so make sure you incorporate these into your sales strategy. Otherwise, no one would know that you are offering awesome promotions. There are various advertising channels where you can do so, from email direct marketing, social media marketing to search engine marketing, pick the best one that suits your online business.

3. Free Delivery:-

If you have not been offering free delivery all these while, holidays are the perfect time to implement this offer and attract more customers and increase sales. Most Southeast Asians would not hesitate to drop a significant amount on the item itself but normally balk when a delivery fee is charged. Prevent this from happening and waive the delivery fee in this season of goodwill and your happy customers will definitely be returning for more shopping.

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