Case study on how Cloud Logic upgraded their multichannel management

200X Growth in Order Volumes

Cloud Logic Ltd. is a Philippines eCommerce solution provider that focuses on promoting brands and products by enabling end-to-end experience. It manages several brands such as Unilever, Gingersnaps, Revlon and others from SEA markets.

Rewind a couple of years back, the company was facing a few challenges while ramping up its operations in the Philippines. There was a disparity in inventory and warehouse management processes, more manpower was utilized in handling secondary tasks and they needed improvement in their order management processes.

While Cloud Logic was sufficiently doing well, their operational flows needed an upgrade. They had to scrutinize frequent inventory checks, their orders were barely manageable while the brands they serviced expected more sales. Reviewing all these operational hassles, Cloud Logic conferred it was time for a system upgrade that can help them overcome these challenges.


a) Knowledge of the existing market

As Cloud Logic served mostly in the Philippines and nearby markets, they wanted to associate with a partner who had local integrations with ecosystem players such as marketplaces, last-mile carriers, and ERPs. It was also crucial that the technology was aligned with the consumer behaviour of their market, local know-how & culture.

b) Control & Visibility

Not having complete visibility across business operations was restricting Cloud Logic to capitalize on high order volumes. They were continuously losing resources in managing their inventory. Furthermore, they were having trouble in tracking sales analytics, enhancing speed and agility in their physical operations and achieving targeted growth that they planned.

Therefore, they were looking for a centralized Order & Inventory Management System that could be directly integrated with marketplaces, last-mile carriers and Warehouse Management System without complicating their manual processes.

c) Uniformity in Product Information

Another critical process that Cloud Logic wanted to capitalize on was to have a universal shopping experience. Adding product information on each of the marketplace manually used to take too much time. Moreover, maintaining uniformity in product information across all channels used to be difficult. Hence, ensuring that uniform information was updated across all the sales channels was imperative.

Therefore, Cloud Logic needed a tried-and-tested platform that could troubleshoot all these problems in one go.


Centralization and seamless processing were the essence of empowering their operations for Cloud Logic. After a thorough analysis, Anchanto’s signature platforms for multichannel eCommerce management and warehouse management turned out to be a perfect fit for the company.

SelluSeller which is a multichannel management platform enabled Cloud Logic with seamless inventory management, order management and ready integrations with ERPs and accounting tools; while Wareo enhanced their warehouse management requirements through separate B2B and B2C order processing, seamless pick-pack flow and integrations with 3PL players.

Having a system with backend capabilities such as product information management (PIM) and digital asset management (DAM) enabled Cloud Logic to maintain uniform information across all its channels. Additionally, its powerful integrations with marketplaces and web stores helped increase efficiency throughout the multichannel ecosystem.


a) Increased Order Volume and Optimized Process Flows:

After implementing the system, in a period of 3 months Cloud Logic was able to speed up their order fulfillment cycle. This led to increasing their order volumes from 30 orders/day to 6000 orders/day.

Furthermore, they were also able to accelerate their micro-processes. Earlier, it used to take at least 10 business days to generate shipping notes and purchase orders. With integrated processes and an improved system, they were able to reduce this turnaround time by 70%.

b) Transformed Inventory and Warehouse Processes

With all its inventory, stocks and orders synced together, Cloud Logic achieved 99% accuracy in their inventory and reports. With simple clicks, their teams could view complete information and check order status.

c) Enhanced Customer Experience

Having a centralized platform to add, manage and monitor all sales channels and their complete product range enabled an enriched customer experience with rich content, product catalogues and single flow of information.

d) Added Capabilities

After analyzing the existing operational processes, Anchanto added capabilities such as user roles and API integrations that would benefit Cloud Logic.

Here’s an example. Cloud Logic serves a large number of fashion brands, and ‘Gift with Purchase’ is a main promotional arm for fashion brands. But certain marketplaces limit this functionality. However, the team at Anchanto designed and developed capabilities knowing this style of promotions is frequent in the Southeast Asian market.

Eventually, many such capabilities were added that ensured smoother operations for the company.


The flexibility and powerful integrations from SelluSeller and Wareo helped Cloud Logic deploy seamless operations and achieve eCommerce success for the brands it served. They were also able to smoothly integrate their warehouse and order management operations. With increased efficiency, they now have complete visibility across all of their warehouses and have added more eCommerce channels since its association with Anchanto.

This way, Cloud Logic found the right platform that empowered their business operations and helped them boost ROI.

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