Stay on Top of Your Operations

Notifications for all the quick actions that you need to take for ensuring seamless selling.

Backend Notifications

Stay updated with everything that goes in the backend of your online selling operations.

Complete Listing Insights

Get counts of various products listed across channels, according to their states.

Crucial Product Insights

Get complete insights & counts of all your products listed across all sales channels.

Channel-wise Sales Insights

Get channel/marketplace wise sales insights for all your products listed across all online channels.

Channel-wise Orders Insights

Comprehensive overview of all the orders received per marketplaces.

Best-selling Products

Maximize profits by knowing about your best-selling products across channels.

Quick Bulk Actions

Save time by performing multiple actions in bulk rather than one-by-one.

Comprehensive Sales Overview

Know what’s actually working for you with a complete sales overview of your business.

Smart Order Trends

Get better at selling by knowing exact order trends for specified time periods.

Smart Sales Trends

Get country wise sales insights for all your products listed across all online channels.

Orders Insight

Comprehensive overview of all your orders according to their states.

Product Sales Insights

Know about all your product units sold on the basis of both brands and channels.

Best-selling Promotions

Boost profits by optimizing your best performing promotions.

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All Listings

Get all your product listings according to their states.

Tabular Listing View

All your product listings represented in a tabular format for your ready reference.

Catalogue Filter

View and customize selected product listings as per your convenience.

Catalogue Search

Search and modify any product listings listed on any channel at one place.

One Click Catalogues Clone

Copy and paste your entire catalogue on any sales channels with a single click.

Bulk Product Export/Import

Save time by easily export/import your multiple product listings in bulk from excel sheets.

Manage Live Listings

Monitor all your product listings that are live across multiple channels at one place.

Dynamically Change Selling Prices

Optimize your selling by dynamically changing prices of all your live product listings.

Update Channel Specific Info in Real-time

No need to login into multiple seller centres. Change info for any of your listings in SelluSeller.

Auto Category MappingAuto Category Mapping

Get your products automatically synced into relevant categories in your SelluSeller account.

Inbuilt QC

Ensure you pass every marketplace QC with the SelluSeller’s Inbuilt check for black-listed words.

Product, Kit, Group Creation

Easily add new products & create their kits & groups and list them in a few clicks.

Bulk Catalogue Actions

Perform various actions on your catalogue in bulk instead of one-by-one.

Bulk Product Listing

Save efforts by uploading multiple product listings at once.

Copy/Clone Catalogues Across Channels

Simply copy & clone your existing product listings across multiple sales channels.

Change Description in Real-time

Change product descriptions of your listings easily without having to login into individual seller centres.

Update Listing Info in Real-time

Easily update generic/master info of your listings without logging into individual seller centres.

Update Across All Channels

Edit and update your catalogue changes on all the sales channels you sell on.

Update Across Selected Channels

Edit and update your catalogue changes on selected channels of your choice.

Multiple Order States

Systematically categorize your orders according to their states.

Batch & Expiry Management

Get the expiry dates monitored automatically by the system, so that products get sold at the right time

Kits & Bundles

Easily create kits and bundle group of products to sell across multiple sales channels.

Product Count by States

Get all your products listed across multiple channels according to their existing states.

Out of Stock Products

Track all the information for your products that are already out of stock.

Low Stock Products

Manage your procurement better by tracking products that are about to go out of stock

Buffer Stock

Never go out of stock by having a buffer stock while you complete procurement process.

Import Products

Import any number of products in bulk from excel sheets & other marketplaces to update your central inventory.

Tabular Inventory View

Analyse your complete inventory represented in a tabular format for your ready reference.

Product Quick View

Quickly search & view products and know the status of their stock in a few clicks.

In-process Stock Insights

Know your inventory inside-out. Get information about your in-process stock

Add Products through UI

Easily add new products in a few clicks and list them on any number of channels

Inventory Counts by Sale Status

Track your products based on stock counts– so that you can replenish your inventory in time.

Inventory Counts by Quality Status

Maintain 100% accurate inventory by receiving insights on your products based on their quality.

Temporary Stock Inflation

Fulfil every order request by temporarily boosting the stock as per requirement.

Marketplace-wise Stock Insights

Get detailed insights for your stock individually for each marketplace.

UPC Numbers Management

Monitor & verify all inventory products by tracking the Universal Product Code information.

Serial Number Management

Ensure better verifications & store unique serial numbers for products having the same iSKUs.

Volumetric Management

Easily specify and mention dimensions for all your products and manage parcel shipping with ease

Cost Price Management

Manage cost price for all products listed across all channels at a single place.

Storage Type Management

Easily manage stock for different types of products (shapes & sizes) in the same system.

Click & Collect

Enable customers to place orders & pay online, and collect products from your offline stores

Order Insights

Receive complete order count overview & get detailed information for each order at one place.

Peak Season Order Processin

Plan and process huge volumes of orders during special sale seasons across channels

Accurate Order Reports

Monitor your purchases, identify order trends and take informed decisions to beat competitors

Shipment Tracking

Get real-time updates for all your shipments and keep all relevant stakeholders updates too.

Order Counts by states

Receive detailed insights for all your orders according to their existing states.

Barcode Scanning Order Management

Simply scan products/invoice barcodes to get complete order details in a few seconds.

Marketplace-wise Order Filters

Filter to view selected orders across marketplaces and perform actions in bulk.

Automatic Order Fetch

Get all your orders received on different channels synced to a single dashboard

Tabular Order View

View all your orders across marketplaces in a tabular format for your ready reference.

Channel Tracking Number Mapping

Monitor every order by receiving tracking numbers from all your shipping carriers at once place.

Quick Order View

Quickly search, view and edit any order from all your received orders on multiple channels.

Auto Status Mapping

Get all your orders seamlessly synced into SelluSeller, along with their respective current states.

Auto-sync Orders

Get all your orders from all channel you sell on, synced automatically in your SelluSeller account.

Generate Shipping Label

Process all order instantly by generating and printing shipping labels for all orders through SelluSeller.

Commercial Invoice Printing

Readily print commercial invoices for all orders you process through SelluSeller

Problem Orders Management

Handle all problem orders (orders for which you do not have stock) easily at one place.

Cancelled Order Management

Manage all cancelled orders from various sales channels at a single dashboard.

Promotion Insights

Get detailed insights and statistics for all your promotions at a single place.

Track Active Promotions

View & manage all promotions that are live across multiple sales channels.

Promotion Reports

Measure the success of all your promotions with exclusive SelluSeller Promotions Report.

Temporary Stock Inflation

Boost the performance of your promotions by temporarily inflating the stock during promotion periods.

Percentage Discount Promotion

Boost product sales by directly offering percentage discounts on selected products.

Promotions Visibility

Get a holistics view of your schedules, active and past promotions across channels.

Gift with Purchase Promotion

Delight your customers by offering gifts when they purchase any products from you.

Pre-booking Promotion

Launch and manage pre-booking promotions on all channels you sell on at one place.

Promotion Criteria Selection

Easily decide and set specific criteria’s on your promotions and manage them in real-time.

Store wide Promotions

Create, launch and manage your promotions on your selected marketplace stores.

Item wise Promotions

Attract more customers & push sales by offering exclusive promotions on specific products.

Category wise Promotions

Drive more sales by offering exclusive promotions on specific product categories.

End/Abort Promotion

Forcefully cancel or abort any live promotions in a single click & optimize your selling.

Future Start Date/ Forward Scheduling

Schedule your promotions in advance and get them to run on multiple sales channels.

Historically Generated Reports

Get all the reports you generate in SelluSeller at one place, and

Old Reports Re-download

Download any of the reports you generated in the past with utmost ease.

Inventory Report

Track your entire inventory across all channels you sell on with customized inventory reports.

Sales Report

Measure your selling success through customized selling reports for specific durations.

Returned Orders Report

Keep a track of all your returned orders & optimise selling to reduce order returns.

Cancelled Orders Report

Keep a track of all your cancelled orders & optimise selling to reduce order cancellations.

All Products Report

Get a detailed report for selected products of your choice and get all the important information at one place.

Live Products Report

Monitor all your product listings that are already live across multiple sales channels.

Customized Reports

Download different types of reports for a specific time duration of your choice.

Detailed Reports

Get detailed insights and statistics for 10 different types of reports you download in SelluSeller.

Marketplace Configurations

Add & manage your selling on any number of sales channels in Southeast Asia.

Ecommerce Stores Configuration

Integrate your web stores & manage entire selling on multiple marketplaces at one place.

Connect/Disconnect Channel

Scale your selling operations by connecting/disconnecting any number of sales channels within seconds.

Add/Remove Channel

Start or stop selling on any number of sales channel of your choice at any time.

Latest product sync time stamp

Know exact time when product listings from your marketplaces get synced with your SelluSeller account.

Latest order sync time stamp

Know exact time when your orders from your marketplaces get synced with your SelluSeller account.

WMS Link Configuration

Get your orders directly synced to your warehouse inventory so that you can process them instantly.

Connect/Disconnect from Marketplace

Start or stop managing your selling on any online marketplace of your choice at any time.

Subscription Configuration

Scale your selling business anytime by choosing from any of our specially designed subscription plans.

Payment Card Configuration

Never worry about subscription plan renewals by securely configuring your payment cards with SelluSeller.

Shipping/ Carrier Management

TEasily add/remove shipping carriers and manage them at a single dashboard.

Allocate Carrier per Channel

Assign specific carrier to specific channels and handle your shipping operations seamlessly.

Configure User Roles

Allocate specific responsibilities to different users and enhance visibility & control in your team.

Add/Remove Users

Add & remove new people to handle selling for you in your SelluSeller account.

Backend Notifications

Receive notifications for all crucial updates occurring at the backend.

Manage Selling On-the-Go

Manage your selling anytime, anywhere with easy to use SelluSeller android & iOS application.

Auto-sync Orders

Never miss another order with all your orders across channels getting synced at a single dashboard.

Auto-sync Listings

Monitor all your product listings with all your listings synced at a single platform.

Fetch/sync Issues Notifications

Resolve issues at the earliest by receiving notifications about any errors in fetching/syncing of products & orders.

Real-time Cloning Status

Be updated regarding the progress of your product cloning process on multiple sales channels

Merge Products

Easily merge any two products and list them as a single entity across channels in a few clicks.

Multiple Language Options

Choose from a list of options & use SelluSeller in your native language with ease.

Real-time Language Change

Change your app language anytime & enjoy various functionalities of SelluSeller in your native language.

Auto Category Updates

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Web Hooks & APIs

Never lose your selling statistics, insights & other data with a full-back in place.

Scale Selling Operations with Ease

Scale your operations anytime and add features that suit your business needs.

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