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Prior to the e-commerce explosion, managing daily online business operations was fairly manageable for sellers with the bulk of sales happening only on one or two major marketplaces. The e-commerce boom opened the gates of opportunities for technopreneurs and multitudes of marketplaces swarmed a majority of markets. The mushrooming of e-commerce and wide acceptance of online buying by millions of customers across geographies gave rise to unforeseen complexities for online sellers. Merchants and brands alike now find it difficult to manage products on multiple marketplaces; for it also means managing multiple inventories, listing thousands of products across marketplaces, and managing multiple stringent SLAs, among other pressing operational issues.

SelluSeller, Anchanto’s innovative SaaS offering, takes into account all pain points of modern online sellers and offers a simple yet potent solution to all of them. We have built SelluSeller with a keen insight into the e-commerce ecosystem. SelluSeller offers multifarious benefits to sellers and promises to make their operations simpler and streamlined. To start with, SelluSeller turns the biggest challenge sellers face into their biggest opportunity—it aggregates all local and cross-border marketplaces where sellers sell their products under one roof and makes complexity of online business a thing of the past!

Our SaaS platform also makes managing multiple inventories redundant and enables a single inventory to cater to all marketplaces. Listing scores of products on multiple local and cross-border marketplaces becomes a breeze with SelluSeller and the order fulfillment process stops being crazy.

Apart from these enchanting features of SelluSeller, sellers who embrace our platform also get to leverage the power of the robust Anchanto offerings that have already been adding zest to the competitive South-East Asian (SEA) e-commerce markets since 2011. Sellers on SelluSeller can benefit from Anchanto’s mature Cross-border Shipping and well established Global Fulfillment Network. So with Anchanto’s SelluSeller, sellers will be empowered not only to list and sell in India and SEA, but they’ll also be able to seamlessly fulfill their local and cross-border orders across SEA and around the globe.

In a nutshell, sellers can list, sell, ship, fulfill and do more, through just one platform!

The SelluSeller platform is currently available to online marketplace sellers in India and SEA countries. Thousands of sellers from these geographies are riding the growth wave with SelluSeller, which is ably backed by its robust technical, business, and support teams.

Our Values

Jump the Curve

Anchanto is a technology company. Whatever we do, we will always recreate ourselves in terms of quality, innovation and delivery.

Enable your Customers

We want our customers to be able to focus on what they do best, whether it's merchants selling online, or logistics players fulfilling orders. Our technology saves our customers' time, money and enables additional revenue streams.

Play as a Team

We want all Anchanters to feel that they work with us and not for us and that we are creating something amazing together.

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