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  • April 12, 2018

With the spurt in Southeast Asian eCommerce, sellers need to deal with a deluge of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) from all marketplaces, regularly. With so many local and cross-border marketplaces, it is not easy for sellers to comply with every SLA. But, marketplace SLA is an agreement that sellers must comply with, come what may. Sellers cannot afford to miss these SLAs because failure may result in cancellation of orders or even deactivation of their account by respective marketplaces.

Hence, it becomes crucial for sellers to take concrete measures to meet these stringent SLAs of marketplaces to continue with their online business. What is even more troublesome for sellers is that marketplaces can change the terms of their respective SLAs any time, putting sellers under even more pressure.

Marketplace SLAs center on the time-period within which a seller needs to dispatch products to customers after receiving orders.

Most leading marketplaces have slashed their SLA time to two days from the previous 6 or even 8 days, pushing sellers to fulfill orders in record time. Marketplaces resorted to this policy so that customers receive their orders on or within the promised time and hence return to the same marketplace for their future purchases.

This makes one thing abundantly clear – time is of crucial importance for sellers when it comes to fulfilling orders. Sellers find it challenging to meet SLAs consistently because of various factors. One such hindrance in quickly processing and dispatching orders is their dependence on multiple inventories for multiple marketplaces. Managing multiple inventories is a cumbersome task and results in wastage of valuable time. The solution to this is that sellers should have a central or unified inventory from which they can fulfill orders for not only local marketplaces but also cross-border ones.

SelluSeller, a unique SaaS-based platform from Anchanto, provides unparalleled services to online sellers of all sizes and scale. Apart from providing time-saving features such as marketplace aggregation, seamless product listing across local and cross-border marketplaces, and real-time access to all products from all marketplaces under one roof, SelluSeller enables sellers to maintain only one centralized inventory of all their products and product combinations.

SelluSeller saves crucial time for sellers as they can easily dispatch any of their products to any destination within India and South-East Asia from their centralized inventory. With SelluSeller, order processing starts almost immediately after sellers receive an order from any marketplace. SelluSeller always keeps sellers on top of things as they get real-time status updates of each of their products, irrespective of the size of their inventory.

With SelluSeller, important information like product-wise available and saleable stock, out-of- stock count, damaged stock, and even the time-period within which a specific product may go out of stock is always readily available to sellers, in just a few clicks!

Hence, sellers who use the SelluSeller platform not only meet marketplace SLAs, but they also beat their stringent timelines comfortably and process local and cross-border orders with comforting ease.

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